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1949 Ford Gets New Rear Springs

The rear springs on the project 1949 Ford were shot. They were soft and the ends had rusted to razor thin. The packs were coming apart too. A previous owner dropped the back end with some 4″ blocks. This combined with the sorry old springs lead to a lot of bottoming out, axle wrap, and a bouncy ride.

While cruising craigslist, I found a guy who was selling his Ford Shoebox project. Among his items were a pair of Posie’s #301 Super Slide drop springs, bushings and late-model shackles. All for about $150 less than what it would have cost new.  I bought them and tossed them into the trunk until a time when I could get around to installing them. These springs are meant to give a three inch drop below stock ride height and the late-model shackles get the car down another inch.

I finally found the time and decided to drive the Ford to the shop to install the suspension. While backing down the drive I hit the brakes and oops, the pedal went to the floor. Thankfully Hagerty insurance covered the cost of a tow and my car made it to the shop without issue.

Rather than messing with crusty old bolts I elected to cut the old ones out when  I did the swap. I left the driveshaft in place and did one side at a time. The following video shows the work in progress.

Once everything was installed, it actually lifted and leveled the are side to side. The driver’s side actually came up more than three inches! This isn’t the typical Dirt on Cars Review, but it marks a new direction for the site. In addition to the reviews of new cars, you can look forward to more of this sort of content.