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Ever notice how hybrid and electric cars, share a similar shape no matter what brand they are? Of course there are exceptions like the Tesla Model S that make efficiency look sexy, but on the whole these cars look like an egg cut longways and dropped onto skinny  tires.

The reason for this is to increase efficiency by reducing the friction generated by pushing a vehicle through the atmosphere. Apparently, the best shape for this is something roughly like a teardrop. Or in the case of automobiles, a half of a tear drop.

If we based the aesthetic design of cars solely on their performance in the wind-tunnel it would lead to homogenizing their profiles. In the future, if science and reason, rather than soul, art, and feeling are allowed to dictate the shape of cars, those of us whose souls are stirred by shapely things like a Jaguar E-Type or a third-gen ‘Vette will be doomed to look at dull-looking, self-driving, conveyance appliances.

In this grim, function-over-form dystopia, cell phone twiddling occupants of beige, half-teardrops will be none the wiser as long as they can turn the (figurative) key and they’re transported where they want to be, unstirred, uninspired, and complacent.

Behold, the Ford F-150 of your future! AeroFord


Aaron V Starnes
Aaron V Starnes

Car guy, small business owner, award-winning writer and proud papa.